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Garibaldi Sottozero Split Men's Heated Gloves - Black

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The Sottozero Split has been developed for extreme climates, like Britain!, but in all seriousness, they are designed to keep your fingers and hands toastie at the top of any mountain pass, as much as cruising the motorway in the depths of winter here.

The Sottozero Split uses silicone coated carbon cables, which not only offer excellent heat distribution, and cover to the finger tips, but as carbon cables they are also near impossible to break, assuring heat with every ride.

Three heat levels and innovative dual switchable zones. The Sottozero Split heats both on the back of the hand, and also on the palm, which can be independently switched on and off. The heating system is complete with 3000 MaH 7.4v batteries for 2.5 hrs of max temp heating, with the option for wired in heating with use of the optional Bike Charging lead.

The glove itself is made from a combination of premium Nappa Goatskin to the palm, knuckles and finger tips, and 450D Cordura on the rear. Lined with 200g Dupont® Comformax® on the back of the hand and 40g of Thinsulate® to the palm, with a Hipora wind and waterproof breathable membrane. Designed with a heat insulating cuff gusset, to ensure maximum heat is retained in the glove. The Sottozero Split also has a BMB McFit seamless glove fitment system, in all assuring protection from the elements and ultimate comfort.

The Sottozero Split is armoured to the knuckles and palm using Viscolab®, made using Heratrom®, an environmentally friendly impact absorbing material, with further protection to the heel of the palm with Superfabric.

Completing the feature list is a visor wiper on the index finger, conductive fingertips for touch screen use, silicone grip on the index  fingertips and digital leather to palms, to ensure supreme grip on the controls even in wet weather and of course CE Certified to CE 13594:2015 level 1. We defy you to have cold hands!


  • 3 Heat levels, 2 Switchable Zones, Back of Hand and Palm
  • Silicone coated carbon cables
  • Fingertip coverage
  • 3000 MaH 7.4v battery, 2.5 hrs at max
  • Optional cable to wire into bike
  • Nappa Goat leather and 450D Cordura
  • Comformax® and Thinsulate® insulation
  • Hipora wind and waterproof membrane
  • BMB McFit seamless glove fitment system
  • Visor wiper
  • Capacitive fingers for touch screen
  • CE Certified to EN13594:2015 level 1

Heat Settings

Power Button:

  1. Blue - Minimum
  2. Green - Medium
  3. Red - Maximum

Zone Button:

  1. Green - Back of hand
  2. Purple - Palm
  3. Blue - Both back of hand and palm


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