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Knox Micro-Lock Back Protector

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• Soft & comfortable protectors that contour to your body
• Uses Smart technology that absorbs energy upon impact
• Common size to fit many different jackets & trousers


These are the softest, most comfortable limb protectors that have ever been made by protection-geniuses, Knox. These new Micro-Lock protectors contour to your body under normal conditions because they remain flexible, but when they are put under impact force, like in a collision, the molecules lock up. This locking of the molecules reduces the energy of the impact that gets passed to your body by increasing the amount absorbed by the protector. This process is similar to other armour, but this works in a wider range of temperatures, so is less likely to break or snap in very cold conditions. The Knox Micro-Lock protectors have been made in common sizes, so will fit into a wide variety of jackets and trousers.

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